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tonights run…

was awesome, for a whole lot of reasons.

1st the stats. 6.3 miles, 11:40 per mile. Not fast But LONG for me, but look at the blue time graph. No dips. I RAN THE WHOLE WAY. PR that. Previous long was 4.75 miles without walking. And I felt strong. I could of kept going. It was an amazing feeling.

I can totally thank Dustin (runlong) from his pod cast. He kept saying, miles are what matter most. Easy miles. Not speed work, or anything else. Consistant, easy, miles. I kept hearing that in my head, and its what im going to stick too. So thanks Dustin. Even if I didnt win soaring Wings virtual Stuff. Yes im bitter. Whatever.

It was nights like tonight, that make me appreciate being able to go run. Have that feeling. To try and get better. To try and get ready for NOLA and the positive feelings running and getting better at it, gives me.  Deep down in places I dont talk about a lot (Cue a few good men) I want to run all of NOLA. Im not crazy to think I can do that, that soon. But I want too.

So to sum up, compression pants make you run far. :) Speaking of…at Mikedoeslife.

I dont know what ones you got, but heres my review after 1, 6 mile run on a 30 degree night of mine. HOLY SHIT I LOVE THEM. I want them to have my babies. So warm and comfortable yet felt like i was not wearing anything. No chaffing at all, if anything, it was anti chaffing. I want to wear them all the time.

Here is my smiling, holy crap did I just run 6.3 miles without stopping face. And yes, thats steam coming off me blurring the pic. Im hot stuff.

Damn its good to be a gansta.

Oh yeah, so thats 9 miles for Robins Birthday. No way I am going to get 35 in by tues, I probably should convert to Kilometers, I can 35 K by then, ive already done 15. Esp since my new crush is Canadian and all.

  1. danielleruns said: HAHAHA, YEAAAA she issss. Convert that shit. I want to run 6.3 miles without stopping. Do I need to wear pants that make me feel like I’m naked? This seems to be what you’re promoting.
  2. kristinlosesit said: awesome run!!!
  3. engineering-fitness said: Now I can’t wait until it is cold enough to wear mine.
  4. jbizzle329 said: Way to go!
  5. chrisrunsoldschool posted this
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